GAFilk 2017: January 6 thru 8, Atlanta, Georgia. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"
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Pegasus Awards

Welcome to GAFilk 2018!

Guest of Honor

Joey Shoji

The Faithful SidekicksGAFilk is overjoyed at having Joey Shoji as our Guest of Honor. Joey is renown for his impeccable style (showing off the best-looking knees in fandom), epicurean taste (in whiskeys, wines, fine dining, and ICE CREAM!) and, most importantly for filkers, his gorgeous singing. He's a native of the west coast Bay Area, and so was perfectly positioned to participate in the thriving convention music scene. His pure tenor voice can be heard on so many songs, often in combination with Mary Ellen Wessels and Kathy Mar. His repertoire includes much of the work of Julia Ecklar, and his rendition of the Octavia Butler-inspired 'Blood Child' is an unparalleled classic.

Joey Shoji is also one of the most polite, charming and unassuming personalities in filk. He's a familiar face in the late-night filk circles, listening and encouraging others, backing people up on guitar, providing harmonies, and occasionally singing a song or two himself. His laughter is infectious, his smile lights up the joint, and he's a delightful dinner companion. Joey's been known to generously provide whiskey and wine tastings, educating the palates of friends and strangers alike. We are fortunate, indeed, to have Joey join us this year!


Cameron Webb

The Faithful SidekicksThis year's toastmaster is a natural for the job. Cameron Webb has been a familiar face in Southern Filkdom for decades. You'll find him singing in the filk circles, usually surrounded but an intimate group of friends and loved ones, blending voices, providing support and morale. Cameron is the author of the 'Labyrinth' song that has become a mainstay in pagan circles. Its spiraling melody and lyrics pull the listener into a larger, deeper circle. He's also a talented and accomplished artist, as one can see from the self-portrait shown here.





Interfilk Guest

The Faithful Sidekicks

The Faithful Sidekicks The Faithful Sidekicks are the acoustic, geek comedy, musical duo of Eric and Jen Distad.

Their story is a topsy turvy one - they spent more than six years in a maze of near misses, crossed paths, and common connections that nearly defies logic and yet... they never quite met. So it was inevitable that when they finally did meet, they were destined to make beautiful music together. Things really got interesting when they combined Jen's background in improv comedy with Eric's songwriting skills (He's one of the founding members of FAWM - February Album Writing Month).

The result is a mix of melodic original songs about all the fannish geeky things they love like Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and anything else with a star in it they can find (except maybe Star Search). Based in Andover MN, they have been making music together at coffee shops and SF Conventions as The Faithful Sidekicks since 2014.

When they are not singing songs written in SQL code, they are both avid readers and board game enthusiasts (particularly co-op games) and fans of classic movies and animation. They recently released their first geek/filk CD, entitled "*.* And Other Star Things".

ConCom's Choice

To Be Announced


Super Secret Guest

We're Not Tellin'!

Super Secret GuestThat's for us to know and you to find out. You'll have to wait until December 1st for the grand reveal!







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