GAFilk 2015: January 9 thru 11, 2015. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"
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Pegasus Awards

Welcome to GAFilk 2016!

Guest of Honor

Michael LongcorMichael "Moonwulf" Longcor

Michael Longcor has been a familiar face and voice in the filk and folk music communities since the early 70s when he stumbled into a filk circle at Chambanacon. His rich baritone voice and fluid guitar accompaniment, his easy-going demeanor and wicked sense of humor combine to create unforgettable music, whether on stage, in circles, or simply singing around the campfire. Michael's songs are humorous, romantic, heroic, and inspiring. He sings about familiar experiences, bravery, loyalty, ingenuity, and creativity. If you listen to Mike long enough, you might learn a thing or two about history, battles, love, and friendship. The circle is always made richer for his presence in it, and the filk community has shown its appreciation of his contributions by presenting him with six Pegasus Awards (1992 and 1995 for Best Performer, 1993 Best Humorous Song "Rhinotillexomania", 1995 Best Military Song "When Tenskwatawa Sings", 1996 for Best Eerie Song "Monster in My Head", and 2003 for Best Filk Song "Shooting Star") and nominating him for another six . He has six solo albums of his songs, and collaborated with the legendary Juanita Coulson on "What's a Hoosier?" for the Indiana Historic Society.

He is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he is known as Moonwulf Starkaaderson, twice king of the Middle Kingdom, and has served as baron of the Barony of Rivenstar since it was founded. He is also a member of the Dorsai Irregulars, working to provide security at conventions since his induction in 1976. He also re-enacts the French and Indian War, and Civil War, and can be seen blacksmithing at the Feast of the Hunters Moon.

His music has appeared on Dr. Demento and on NPR's "Folksong Festival," and provided the background for a BBC documentary on Rudyard Kipling. In 2014 he received the highest acclaim the filk community offers when he was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame.

He lives in Lafayette, Indiana with his wife Anne "Francoise" Nordmeyer and a clumsy and not overly smart Labrador retriever.

More about Moonwulf's music here.


Judi MillerJudi Miller

You're belting out a really good song, giving the performance of your lifetime. And your audience is receiving a double-whammy, because a red-headed artist of skill and style stands on the same stage transforming that really good song into a really great song. She's dancing your music with American Sign Language, translating it with such vivid expression as to render it unforgettable. You've...been...Judi Millered! Now, say, "Thank you, ma'am. May I have another?" If you're very lucky, Judy will sign for you again.

Judy Miller cut her filk interpretation teeth on a songwriter of amazing speed and skill, sharing filk stages with Tom Smith. We're talking someone who makes up intricate, hysterical, often anatomically-correct lyrics on the fly. Add Judy to the mix, and the music ramps up to levels of intricacy, hysteria, and imagery unimaginable. Ask anyone who has shared a stage with her, and they'll all tell you the same thing. "Don't watch the Judmonster while you're singing!"

Why? You'll never make it to the end of the song. She'll bust you up, she'll break your heart, she'll do some magical little move that shakes the room sideways, and if you're watching, she'll suck you down into a vortex of her imagination and leave you sputtering. We've all been there. We've all thought, "Don't look! Don't look! Don't...oh, my god! I'm looking! Aaaahhhhhh!" And when the song is finally over, there you are, shaking your head, whinging, "I watched her...I knew better, and I watched..."

Judy Miller is SO good at what she does that whole troupes of ASLers have started tag-team interpreting music at cons. They're good, but nobody signs like Judi. Nobody! She throws herself into the music with total abandon. It's not just Judi's fingers weaving the mystery; she puts her whole body and heart into every piece. See, she's a singer, too; a singer with a gorgeous voice. Judi knows what happens when the lyrics, music, and imagination merge with motion. Magic!

So...calling all filking ASLers! Would you like to sign for Judi Miller's GAFilk concert? We...want to talk to you.

Interfilk Guest

Copy Red LeaderCopy Red Leader

Warning! Warning! Filking hilarity is about to ensue! Copy Red Leader is taking the stage at GAFilk!

We are so lucky to have them as our Interfilk Guests of Honor. The geek duo of Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson come to the belt-buckle of the Bible belt from the frozen north of Toronto, Canada. We are their people! They sing songs of Star Wars, Ghost Busters, Star Trek, The Princess Bride, fantasy, comic books, pop culture, sf...and they do it while tackling all music genres. They rock it out, funkify it, folk it, blues it, inside-out it. And they leave their audiences holding their sides and gasping for oxygen. They've only been performing together since 2012, and they've already released their first CD, Crossing the Stream. Don't get cocky and stay on target! It's going to get dangerously funny around here.

More about Copy Red Leader's music here.

ConCom's Choice

To Be Announced

More information coming soon!

Super Secret Guest

The Unknown Filker

Super Secret GuestWe're not tellin'! You'll have to wait until December 1st to find out!







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