GAFilk 2017: January 6 thru 8, Atlanta, Georgia. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"
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Pegasus Awards

Welcome to GAFilk 2017!

Guest of Honor

Kristoph Klover & Margaret Davis

Kristoph Klover & Margaret DavisMargaret Davis and Kristoph Klover have been terrorizing/delighting the Northern California filk community since 1989, when they met, fell in love, determined they didn't know any of the same music, or even any of the same styles of music, and of course decided to play together. The resultant stew of Grateful Dead, Medieval French, Celtic, Tolkien, filk, folk, and more aims to delight and inspire you on Celtic harp, 12-string and 6-string guitar, flute, octave mandolin, recorders, tin whistle, and yes, male and female vocals.

Margaret & Kristoph have recorded 14 CDs, as a duo and with their bands Celtic rock band Avalon Rising and Celtic/Medieval trio Broceliande; they are signed to Sugo Music for digital distribution. Their Tolkien CD "The Starlit Jewel" is actually authorized by the Tolkien Estate, and in 2008 they appeared in the Disney movie "Bedtime Stories." Their latest CD, just released this May, is "Snow White - The Mirror's Revenge" -- an all-original new musical with lyrics by Jay Hartlove and music written and primarily performed by Margaret & Kristoph (think Snow White and Prince Charming). They have been guests at many conventions and both are on the Consonance concom. And oh yeah, he's a great engineer and she's an awesome calligrapher. Come visit them at!


Myra Hunter

Myra Hunter - photographIf you’ve been attending GaFilk since, well, ever since the first one, the first face you probably saw was Myra’s. Now that she is safely retired from running registration, we’re proud to have her as our toastmistress for GaFilk 2017.

Myra got her start in filking in the early 80’s when she stumbled into a circle at Necronomicon because there was nothing else on the schedule. After listening to Ann Morrison sing about all the different crazy things filkers sing about, she started collecting her own songs and getting involved in the Florida filking community at Necronomicon and Oasis.

Sherman Dorn took her to the 2nd GaFilk, back when the whole convention could fit inside of a Waffle House. Since then, she’s been at every GaFilk and for most of them as the head of registration.

Why registration? Better to let her tell the story of how she got the job, but she stuck with it for so long because she gets to meet everyone who comes to the convention. She also loves talking to the people who come up to the table wondering just what this filk stuff is all about. In many ways, Myra is the face of GaFilk to new visitors, always ready with information about our hobby and culture, or answering when the 2x10s sheet is going to be up.

When she’s not behind the desk, you can find her with her baritone ukelele and her slim book of songs she loves to sing, sitting in circles late into the night. She loves to introduce new people to filk, and hopes to start running neo-filker circles now that Harry has taken over the position. And if you get her telling stories, watch out! She can bend your ear for hours.

Interfilk Guest

Peter Westhead

Peter WestheadA second generation geek and con-goer, Peter has been attending filk cons almost since they began in the UK, attending his first in the early '90s (before he was 10). He began writing songs not long after, and rumour has it that some of his first are still held over him for future blackmail purposes. He has not yet been able to destroy the evidence but is optimistic that there is still time. He plays a variety of different instruments, all for given values of 'plays' including harp, mandolin, guitar and bagpipes.

Outside of filk he is a keen board-gamer, LARPer, and crafter, making leatherwork and metal armour.

ConCom's Choice

To Be Announced

Super Secret Guest

We're Not Tellin'!

Super Secret GuestSorry, you'll have to wait until December 1, 2016 to find out who our awesome Super Secret Guest is going to be!







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