The Great Con Suite Migration

In honor of one of the events at GAFilk 2003, we asked Mark Bernstein to write a little history in his own inimitable style. Please note that the hotel was polite and cooperative throughout, and that the "real" story is one that shows a hotel doing its best to satisfy all of its guests, well before anyone would have needed to complain. Please make sure that this note stays with the history if/when it is copied and disseminated throughout fandom...

The Great Con Suite Migration

© 2003 by Mark Bernstein

"Why'd they do it?", people whispered, "Why'd they make that dreadful trip?"
"Unsolved Mysteries" asked for aid, but didn't get a single tip,
But I'm here to share the secret, to unlock the mystery
Of the Great Con Suite Migration of GaFilk 2003.

It was late on Thursday evening - that's the best place to begin.
The guests had all arrived, and other fen were checking in.
The tables in the con suite were arrayed with tasty things,
And the fen began to gather for a little pre-con sing.

Some came straight from their hotel rooms, others stopped first at the bar.
I'd tell you they were quiet, but that's just not how fen are.
Songs were sung, and shtick was shtuck, the best of times was had by all,
Except the airline pilots in the rooms across the hall.

The front desk staff was rattled by the pilots' angry cries.
"If we don't get our sleep," they said, "we won't be fit to fly!"
Then one clerk said, "It's awful! The howling of this pack
Will disrupt the nation's airlines. It's a terrorist attack!"

The clerk then called the FBI; They thought the threat was real.
(Tom Ridge decreed the color of the day be changed to teal.)
A strike team soon descended, and it seemed the con was doomed
'Til they burst into the con suite -- and found just an empty room.

For a filk fan at the FBI had heard the plan that day,
And snuck a message o'er the net to Sutton's PDA.
The concom sprang to action - told the hotel, "We smell gas!
We need to find another room, and need to find it fast."

So now you know how this small crew of valiant, filkish bards
Outwitted Bush's forces, which I grant you isn't hard.
And filking in Atlanta will continue, proud and free
Thanks to the Great Con Suite Migration of GaFilk 2003.