GAFilk 2022: January 7 thru 9. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"
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Pegasus Awards


GAFilk 22 (2020)

Guest of Honor: Talis Kimberly
Toastmaster: Lauren Cox
Interfilk Guest:Susan Moerdyk
Super Secret Guest:Phil and Kaja Foglio
ConCom's Choice:Wreck The System

GAFilk 21 (2019)

Guest of Honor: Carla Ulbrich
Toastmaster: Joe Giacoio
Interfilk Guest: Jared Walker
Super Secret Guest: Catherynne M. Valente and S.J. Tucker

GAFilk 20 (2018)

Guest of Honor: Joey Shoji
Toastmaster: Cameron Webb
Interfilk Guest: The Faithful Sidekicks
Super Secret Guest: Catherynne M. Valente
ConCom's Choice: Lauren Cox

GAFilk 19 (2017)

Guest of Honor: Kristoph Klover & Margaret Davis
Toastmistress: Myra Hunter
Interfilk Guest: n/a
Super Secret Guest: Alex Bledsoe
ConCom's Choice: Leslie Hudson

GAFilk 18 (2016)

Guest of Honor: Michael Longcor
Toastmistress: Judi Miller
Interfilk Guest: Glen Raphael
Super Secret Guest: Elizabeth Moon
ConCom's Choice: Rand and Erin Bellavia

GAFilk 17 (2015)

Guest of Honor: S.J. Tucker
Toastmasters: The Blibbering Humdingers
Interfilk Guest: C.D. Woodbury
Super Secret Guest: Robin Bailey
ConCom's Choice: Marc Gunn

GAFilk 16 (2014)

Guest of Honor: Gwen Knighton Raftery
Toastmaster: Cat Faber
Interfilk Guest: Allegra Sloman
Super Secret Guest: Brad Denton
ConCom's Choice: Greg and Susan Csikos
Super Secret ConCom's Choice: Terence Chua

GAFilk 15 (2013)

Guests of Honor: Sandy "Sam" Baardman & Susan Israel
Toastmasters: George & Teresa Powell
Interfilk Guests: Fianna
Super Secret Guest: Larry Niven
ConCom's Choice: Tim Griffin

GAFilk 14 (2012)

Guests of Honor: Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris
Toastmaster: Scott Snyder
Interfilk Guests: Pug & Shaya
Super Secret Guest: Elise Matheson
ConCom's Choice: Patrick Nielsen Hayden & the Deaf Tones

(Derek Lee replaces Andrew Powell in Play It With Moxie on alto sax.)

GAFilk 13 (2011)

Guest of Honor: Seanan McGuire
Toastmaster: Matt Leger
Interfilk Guest: Howard Scrimgeour
Super Secret Guest: Patrick Nielson Hayden
ConCom's Choice: Antithesis

GAFilk 12 (2010)

Guest of Honor: Alexander James Adams
Toastmaster: Terrence Chua
Interfilk Guest: Andrew Ross
Super Secret Guests: Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman
Concom's Choice: Dene Foye

(Amy McNally joins Play It With Moxie on fiddle.)

GAFilk 11 (2009)

Guests of Honor: Barry & Sally Childs-Helton
Toastmaster: Larry Kirby
Interfilk Guest: Harold Feld
Super Secret Guest: Emma Bull
Concom's Choice: Bill & Gretchen Roper

(Rob Wynne takes over as Con Chair.)

GAFilk 10 (2008)

Guests of Honor: Jeff & Maya Bonhoff
Toastmaster: Brian Richardson
Interfilk Guest: Brobdingnagian Bards
Super Secret Guest: Peter Beagle stood in for Meg Davis, who was unable to attend.
Concom's Choice: Tom Smith

(Convention is moved to the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Airport.)

GAFilk 9 (2007)

Guest of Honor: Urban Tapestry
Toastmistress: Linda Melnick
Interfilk Guest: Summer & Fall
Super Secret Guest: S.M. Sterling
Concom's Choice: Graham & Becca Leathers

GAFilk 8 (2006)

Guest of Honor: Dandelion Wine
Toastmaster: Dave Rood
Interfilk Guest: Carolyn Brown
Super Secret Guest: Karen Anderson
Concom's Choice: Katy Droege & Juliane Honisch

(Andrew Powell (alto sax) and Carly Gibson (lead and rhythm guitar)
join the banquet band, now billing itself as Play It With Moxie.)

GAFilk 7 (2005)

Guest of Honor: Kathleen Sloan
Toastmistress: Teri Wachowiak
Interfilk Guest: Steve Savitzky
Super Secret Guest: Tanya Huff
Concom's Choice: Daniel & Melissa Glasser

GAFilk 6 (2004)

Guest of Honor: Mich Sampson
Toastmistress: Mary Crowell
Interfilk Guests: Rand Belavia & Adam English
Super Secret Guest: Howie Harrison
Concom's Choices: Chris Conway / Nate Bucklin

(Banquet moves to the ballroom. Jodi Krangle joins the banquet band on vocals,
with Dave Rood on trumpet; Blaise on lead guitar for this one year only.)

GAFilk 5 (2003)

Guest of Honor: Bob Asprin
Toastmaster: Sherman Dorn
Interfilk Guest: Jeff Hitchen
Super Secret Guests: Marty Burke & Diane Gallagher
Concom's Choice: Scott Snyder

(GAFilk moves to the Holiday Inn Airport North. George Powell joins the banquet
band on bass, and Brian Richardson on drums expands it to a trio.)

GAFilk 4 (2002)

Guest of Honor: Echo's Children
Toastmasters: Randy and Diane Walker
Interfilk Guests: Mike and Marsha Diggs
Super Secret Guest: Lois McMaster Bujold
Concom's Choice: Carla Ulbrich

(GAFilk moves to the Clarion. First Super Secret Guest. First banquet is held,
with entertainment provided by Mary Crowell.)

GAFilk 3 (2001)

Guest of Honor: Tom Smith
Toastmaster: Robert Cooke
Interfilk Guests: Tim and Annie Walker
Concom's Choice: Phoenix

GAFilk 2 (2000)

Guest of Honor: Margaret Middleton
Toastmaster: Walt Baric*
Interfilk Guest: Puzzlebox

(First My Filk gameshow held.)
*Walt was unable to attend the convention at the last minute.

GAFilk 1 (1999)

Guest of Honor: Juanita Coulson
Toastmistress: Lee Billings
Interfilk Guest: Glenn Simser