GAFilk 2022: January 7 thru 9. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"

Pegasus Awards

Links & Pics

Other Filk Conventions and Filk-friendly Organizations

Astronomicon — Rochester Fantasy Fans
Archon — St. Louis, MO (filk friendly)
Chambanacon — Springfield, IL (filk friendly)
Concertino — Floating NE filk con
Conchord — Los Angeles, CA
Consonance — San Francisco / Bay Area
Conterpoint — Quantico, MD
FilkContinental — Germany
FilkOntario — Toronto, Ontario
Interfilk — (non-profit organization promoting filk)
Marcon — Columbus, OH (filk friendly)
Northeast Filk Convention — (different city every year)
Ohio Valley Filk Fest — Columbus, OH
SciFi Summer — Atlanta, GA
British Filk Con — (different city every year)


Emerald Rose
Phoenix (their take on GAFilk)
Muse's Muse
Steve Macdonald
Carla Ulbrich
Randy Clearythe talented artist responsible for the GAFilk logos

Former Guests of GAFilk

Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis
Alex Bledsoe
Leslie Hudson
S.J. Tucker
Robin Bailey
Marc Gunn
The Blibbering Humdingers
Sam (Sandy) Baardman
Larry Niven
Alexander James Adams
Bob Asprin
Peter Beagle
Rand Bellavia & Adam English
Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
Lois McMaster Bujold
Emma Bull
Barry & Sally Childs-Helton
Terence Chua
Mary Crowell
Dandelion Wine
Sherman Dorn
Echo's Children
Jeff Hitchin
Ellen Kushner
Margaret Middleton
Andrew Ross
Delia Sherman
Mich Sampson
Tom Smith
S.M. Stirling
Summer & Fall
Urban Tapestry
Tim and Annie Walker

Folks who have kindly put up information from previous GAFilks

Read The Great Con Suite Migration by Mark Bernstein